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Tree nut allergies are one of the most common and fast-growing types of food allergies in North America today. When someone with a tree nut allergy ingests their allergen, even a trace amount, that person is at risk of a severe allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis. An anaphylactic reaction includes more than one of the body’s systems, such as the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, the skin and cardiovascular symptom. Our products may contain known allergens that include but may not be limited to tree nuts.

In the United States, for food labeling purposes, the FDA considers the following to be tree nuts: Almond, Beech nuts, Brazil nuts, Butternuts, Cashews, Chestnuts, Chinquapins, Coconuts, Filberts/hazelnuts, Ginko nuts, Hickory nuts, Lichee nuts, Macadamia nuts/Bush nuts, Pecans, Pine nuts/Pinon nuts, Pistachios, Shea nuts, and Walnuts.

Almond allergens can be contained in almond oil. Topical application of some oils can sensitize. Although we could not find scientific research indicating any case of anaphylaxis to almond oil via the topical route, we would prefer our customers with known tree nut allergies be safe rather than sorry and avoid products that contain Sweet Almond Oil.


We have found lay articles that indicate people with latex allergies (especially TYPE B latex allergy) may have a reaction to shea butter because it contains natural latex.  So, if you are sensitive to latex, then it is possible to react to shea butter over time.

All handmade soaps and skincare items may contain essential oils or fragrances, milks, flower or herbal botanicals, sugars, clays, preservatives (when needed), emulsifying wax, beeswax, vegetable oils, seed oils, nut oils (almond, walnut, hazelnut, coconut and other), shea and mango butters, lanolin, olive oil, canola oil, castor oil, lard, tallow and other ingredients.

All products include an ingredient list on our product packaging and on our website to help our customers make decisions on whether our products may contain any allergens. Our products are made with equipment that handles nut oils, herbs, botanicals, butters (Shea, Cocoa, Mango), beeswax, and other organic raw materials. Individuals are responsible for reading ingredient labels on our website and products and determining whether the product is safe for their use or the person(s) they are buying for. Ingredient lists are also subject to change with formula changes. If you have severe anaphylactic type reactions to ANY of the ingredients in ANY of our products, please do not purchase them!!  People with sensitivities to any listed ingredient found with our product descriptions may wish to play it safe and not use any of our products containing oils derived from any of the above tree nuts. If you notice any adverse effects, please discontinue use. The Essential Oils Soapery is not responsible for any individual reaction to any specific ingredient.

If you have specific allergy concerns, please email

Also, see our Return Policy  that is also found on each product listing page.

Information on ingredients used in our products appearing on this website is not intended to be, nor should be interpreted as, medical advice or a recommendation concerning the use of any cosmetic product. If you have questions about your use of a cosmetic product, please review the label appearing on the product, the website listing and/or consult a physician.

**FDA DISCLAIMER - The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of THE ESSENTIAL OILS SOAPERY are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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